Date: 20/10/2022

Trade Promotion: Game of Chance
Schedule to Terms of Entry

Website and eNewsletter
Promoter Ticket Wombat Pty Ltd 1189 Minimbah Road, Nabiac, NSW 2312
Relevant State/s Victoria
Entry Restrictions The entrant must be over 18.
Competition Start Start date: 20/10/2022 21:48:45 (AEST)
Competition End, Draw Details The draw closes on: 28/10/2022 13:00:00 (AEST)
All winners are drawn immediately at 1189 Minimbah Road, Nabiac, NSW 2312
Entry Method Register or sign in on the website join the draw by clicking on the Win It button.
Maximum Number of Entries One
Number of Prizes (doublepass/
es) available

Each winner will receive a double-pass to: THE NUTCRACKER AND THE MAGIC FLUTE
These tickets are non-transferable. 
The double-pass is a voucher that can be used at participating cinemas listed on the tickets.

Total Prize Pool 240
Notification of Winners Winners will be notified via email
Publication Details Winner(s) will be published in the eNewsletter immediately after the draw and before 03/12/2022.
Prize Claim Date and Time Prizes must be claimed before the movie closes it's run. 
Prize Delivery The winners will be added to the guest list. Box office pick-up.

Terms and Conditions

Changes to the Standard Terms and Conditions for this Competition

“Double-pass” refers to a cinema voucher, which effectively is a double-pass voucher.
The tickets will be posted in an envelope to the winner’s address and can be used at participating cinemas. Information on valid days and screening times can be found on the tickets.

Winners are asked to disregard the automatic winning notification sent by the Ticket Wombat drawing system as it refers to a "guest list" and the winner will receive a voucher instead.


Conditions of Entry

You must be over 18.

No directors, officers, management and employees (and the immediate families of directors, officers, management and employees) of Ticket Wombat are permitted to enter any of the Prize draws.  The agencies or companies (and the immediate families of directors, officers, management and employees) who have provided tickets for the Prize draws are not permitted to enter the Prize draw they have provided the tickets for, however they are permitted to enter draws not associated with their company or agency.


Date and Time for Entries and Entry Limitations

The draws will commence as soon as they appear on the Ticket Wombat website. Every draw has a timer giving an exact count down to the close of the draw for that event.
All entries must be received during the competition period for each draw as published on the Ticket Wombat website.  There is no limit on the number of free draws you can enter.  However, you are only permitted to enter each draw once.

Confirmation of entry

You will receive immediate confirmation of your entry on the Ticket Wombat website.  Entries are deemed to be received at the time they are received by the Ticket Wombat website database and not at the time of submission by you.
You will be able to view the draws you have entered through your Ticket Wombat account.


Draw Date, Time and Place
The draw will take place as soon as the draw has ended as stated on the Ticket Wombat website. The draws will take place at the office of Ticket Wombat, 1189 Minimbah Road, Nabiac NSW 2312.


How Prizes are Awarded

The winners will be chosen at random by the Ticket Wombat website, which will be checked by Ticket Wombat staff.


Method for Claiming Prizes

All winners must notify (by return of email or phone) Ticket Wombat whether they wish to claim their prize or not. Once your prize is confirmed you will be able to claim your tickets from the event organiser, up to 30 minutes before the event takes place. You will need to take some form of ID with you.


Prize- Winners Notification

All winners will be notified by email.


Results of the Competitions

Winners will be published in the Ticket Wombat eNewsletters. 


The prize for each competition will be a double pass (2 tickets, so you can take a friend or family member with you to the event).  The value of the double pass for each event, will be published on the Ticket Wombat website. No double pass will exceed the value of $250 and the prize pool will be capped at $50,000.

Each prize is non-transferable, and must be used on the date specified on the website and in the Winner’s Notification.  There is no cash alternative.

If the event to which you have won tickets is cancelled after the draw has taken place it is up to the promoter/organiser of that event to offer an alternative date to you.


Unclaimed and Rejected Prizes 

If you choose to reject, the Prize will then be redrawn.
Any rejected Prizes will be automatically assigned to the 2nd placed winner in the  draw.
If a Prize gets rejected by the 2nd winner it will go to the 3rd winner in the draw.
If the Prize gets rejected by the 3rd winner, it will be deemed unclaimed.
If the winner does not notify us to accept or reject the prize and we are unable to contact them, the Prize will be deemed unclaimed.
If the winning email bounces we will contact the winner by phone, if the winner can not be contacted the prize will be deemed unclaimed.
All unclaimed prizes will be kept, the sponsor will be informed that the tickets were not given away and the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing will be notified that the tickets were unclaimed and if there is time and we are granted permission by the Office, it may be re-drawn.
We strongly advise that the email address you give us to notify you when you win; is one that you can access at anytime.