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Ticket Wombat launched in September 2013.
It is Australia’s first website that allows people to explore their city through ticket giveaways.
Our mission is to put people in touch with new events, venues and attractions. And let them try something new and something that they wouldn’t usually consider.

How do we do this?
Through a sophisticated but unique and easy to use giveaway system.
Ticket Wombat gives artists and event organisers the possibility to promote events for free and with maximum exposure.

Because many venues and artists have no or little budget for marketing! Our revolutionary promotion system is based on a fully automated and approved draw mechanism for competitions. We have developed a complex notification system that notifies event organisers and winners. And it makes sure that every entry is unique and comes from a 'real' person.

Philippa Bird 
- Managing Director

Philippa is the owner of, and
 a well connected
professional with more than 20 years in the
event business.


The Wombat

Ticket Wombat wouldn't be Ticket Wombat
without the Wombat.
Our mascot manages all the event postings
and makes sure that we all stay organised.

He is quite a character, you can follow what
he gets up to on his Facebook page.

Contact Details:
Office: 0404 221 424

74 162 250 366 
162 250 366 

Postal Address
1189 Minimbah Road
Nabiac NSW 2312

Business Address
1189 Minimgah Road
Nabiac NSW 2312