Paw Hang on - I can win tickets here? Paw

Bring a friend
Every won ticket is effectively a double-pass.
Heaps of tickets
We give away tickets as part of our event promotion. Join as many draws as you wish!

Ticket Wombat


  • Real users! 1
    Real users!
    Your ID is required to collect tickets. This means that no duplicate accounts can join a draw.
  • Your data is safe! 2
    Your data is safe!
    We will never sell your data to 3rd parties.
  • We don’t resell 3
    We don’t resell
    tickets! We just give them away.
  • No vouchers 4
    No vouchers
    You don’t buy offers at Ticket Wombat. You win them!

Does it
cost anything

We offer two packages:
One is entirely free.
The other is $4.90 a month or $46.80 for one year (giving you 2 months free)

This allows us to pay for the website, provided services
and running costs.
For more information CLICK HERE.