How To Cope With Difficult People
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How To Cope With Difficult People

Event Date: 03/07/2018, 08:00 pm

A workshop to help you cope!
Are you sometimes challenged by people in your life? Do you wonder why certain people are just so hard to get along with?

Often our differences can be the cause of conflict and can prevent us from taking advantage of many wonderful opportunities.

The DISC personality profile was originally developed to assist individuals to gain greater insight into themselves and to also understand the behaviour of others. Millions of people throughout the world now use this tool and have developed the skills required to improve productivity, teamwork and communication in all aspects of their life.

This interactive workshop will change how you view yourself and others. While it is suitable for any person wishing to improve the quality of their relationships, it is of particular benefit to anyone who works in a management or supervisory role.

Be prepared to walk out feeling inspired and energised.

Our teacher, Kerry Foley is the founder and CEO of Creators of Transformation. She has studied human psychology extensively for the past five years, and now specialises in assisting individuals like yourself to develop expert leadership and communication skills. She is a trained NLP life coach, inspirational public speaker, and personal transformation expert. Kerry believes that positive, healthy relationships are the cornerstone to a wholesome fulfilling life. She also appreciates the challenges that can be faced when dealing with people who display difficult behaviour.

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5-11 Kepos St,
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